Xbox Live Privacy

There was a bit of histrionics going on shortly after the 360 launch over privacy from people who apparently couldn’t work out how to turn on the privacy options, but I’ve come across undeniable proof that the amount of information that Live gives out on your current activities could be incriminating. Names have been obscured to protect the perverted.

A filthy Xbox Live pervert in action

Telling everyone what game you’re playing or your current score is one thing, but this is going too far and people can go to prison for this kind of thing. I just hope the Daily Mail doesn’t catch wind of this underground of paedophiles hiding in our gaming community and start up another banning campaign.

New DVD Player

The first phase of my conversion of my home entertainment system to HDTV has begun with the purchase of a new DVD player, the Toshiba SD-350E. Ain’t it purdy?

Toshiba SD-350E

It’s replacing my current Toshiba SD-220E, and comes with HDMI output, upscaling capability (720p/1080i), DivX playback, and multiregion capability via a simple hack. I’ve had my current one for a couple of years and have been constantly impressed with the quality for the price, but this new one takes the cake – all those features for £64 including shipping.

I’m not sure when exactly it will be here because of New Year and everything messing with the post, but I’m looking forward to trying it out. With any luck I’ll be buying the TV in the next week.

Happy New Year!

Don’t worry, I’m not pathetic enough to be blogging at midnight on New Year’s Eve. I’ve written this in advance and set it to go live at midnight, so I apologise in advance if something horrible has happened in the meantime and it now seems really inappropriate. Failing that, I’ll be at Eynon’s NYE party as Tim the Enchanter, since it’s fancy dress with a sci-fi and fantasy theme. I’ll post pictures when I remember.

Anyway, hope everyone is having/had a good time and that 2006 will be equally good. For auld lang syne and all that.