I Hate April Fool’s

April 1st has to be the lamest day of the year. For every joke that’s remotely funny (this is where I’d link to one but I can’t find one) you get a thousand that aren’t, and much of the day is spent on your guard about everything you read and doubting the genuine stuff.

The first thing I saw when opening my browser was this from GameFAQs which will no doubt claim a few victims; Blizzard look to have gone as all-out as usual with their cool-if-it-was-true Wisp announcement; GameSpot reveal the ESRB’s new ASS rating (glad I didn’t misspell that); IGN’s isn’t that great (I really hope that one’s a joke); and if I read any more I’m going to scream. I’d bet that somehow someone somewhere is recycling the Lara Croft nude cheat, as well.

And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke. I really do hate it. Bring on April 2nd.

Whether you like this day or not though, check out the list of April Fool’s jokes from around the Internet and elsewhere over on Wikipedia. Seems pretty comprehensive and at least one of them made me chuckle.