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I’m sure that this is really old news for anyone in the US, but season 5 of 24 starts here in the UK on Sunday at 9pm on Sky One. I just finished rewatching season 4 on DVD (if you need any they’re all on sale on Play for great prices) and I’ve now seen the first three episodes of the new one by slightly illicit means. I would be watching them as they showed here but, like with last year and the year before, I’m not up for six months of wrestling over the remote for control of the sole TV with Sky. I can rationalise it due to the fact that I’ll buy the DVD on the day of release.

From what I’ve seen I’m going to like this one. Not only have they turned it into Die Hard 2, it seems to be going back to the roots of 24 a bit by making things more personal. They’ve resisted the temptation to go for another “generic Middle Eastern terrorist attacks LA with random WMD” story which is a good thing – the first season had nothing nearly as big as a nuclear or biological attack but still manages to be generally accepted as the best of the lot and I hope this goes the same way.

One thing that had disappointed me was that even though the ending to season 4 left the door open for something completely new (I was even expecting a break from CTU with Jack hiding out in South America or somewhere like that), they’ve still managed to get him back in that direction. I don’t know how much has been shown so far in the US since I’m only up to the third episode, but already he’s getting back in with them. Maybe the Chinese will come and kill him at the halfway point.

I’d be interested to hear any impressions from other people, but please keep anything as spoiler free as you can.

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  1. Having seen the first four, I have to say I’m impressed. While there appear to be no Middle-Easterns, I see something with Russia brewing, as is evident from the first episode. With something as massive as what happens in the first episode, I certainly hope this season doesn’t regress to the traditional formula.

    By the way, I believe you’re the one to have got me into 24, thanks to your review of the first season eons ago. Thanks.

  2. Hey, haven’t spoken to you for a while.

    I’m now up-to-date having seen episode 8, and although I find certain things disappointing like how it’s turned into another WMD attack on LA with Jack working for CTU, it seems to be one of the stronger seasons so far. The enemies are certainly more interesting than generic Middle Eastern nutjobs.

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