68 Days…

That slightly cryptic title is how long there is between the US theatrical release and the UK theatrical release of Sin City. When they’re making potential customers wait over two months for what could be one of the best films of the year it almost makes you wonder how they can be audacious enough to blame people for casual piracy. I’m not piracy advocate – far from it – but if someone wanted to see that movie really badly I wouldn’t blame them at all for downloading it and then going to see it in the cinema for the big screen experience when it comes out.

When a movie as colossal as Star Wars can be co-ordinated enough to come out everywhere on the same day (I even remember X-Men 2 coming out here a day early but otherwise simultaneously) I can’t really see an excuse to delay it here by over two months. Even if this was a small indie flick with a budget so low that we were getting the same reels as the US there’s no way it should take this long to come out.

Moaning aside, I’m going to see it when it’s released on Friday night and I’ve been waiting for it since I saw the first trailer. Hell, I’ve been waiting since I first heard the buzz about the amazing visual style and saw the cast that were signing up for it (I think it would be quicker to name the major actors who aren’t in it). I just need something to excise Star Wars from my memory as the last new film I saw.

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