A Toe in the HD-Pond

Look what I got in the post yesterday!

My First HD DVDs

Yes, there’s a few weeks before the Xbox 360’s HD DVD drive comes out to say hello but I wanted to get these purchases out of the way before I’m buried under a deluge of new games. Serenity is an obvious choice and when I first saw HD DVD I was blown away by the video quality in The Last Samurai. Batman Begins is on the way across the Atlantic as we speak (can’t wait to see those beautiful glaciers in HD), and when you add in King Kong I’ve got a nice early library.

I won’t comment on the mental health implications of buying discs that I currently have no way of playing. Surely I’m not the only one who’s done it? In any case there’s a format war to be won this time and I’ve done my part to ensure victory for the HD DVD format. Take that, Blu-Ray!

2 thoughts on “A Toe in the HD-Pond”

  1. No, no HD DVDs are region coded at the moment. They have the potential to be but currently no discs are and no players support it, since it isn’t even in the HD DVD spec. It would have to be amended for them to even think about adding it, and even then it would have to be done without breaking compatibility with existing players. So in other words at worst we’re going to get region coding that’s as easily avoided as standard DVD.

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