Alienware Does Star Wars

I’m not the biggest fan of the old prebuilt PCs because I think they’ve overpriced and often lock people into proprietary hardware, and Alienware are one of the worst offenders in the first area at least. They also have the most hideous cases that I’ve ever seen, and when you lose on substance (not saying they don’t have power, but not as much as they make out) and have aesthetics against you there’s not a lot going in your favour. Still, they get some nice exclusive technology and are certainly better than the Dell’s of the world.

Anyway, the purpose of this wasn’t to bash Alienware but to draw attention to this, a rare thing of beauty from them. Those monstrosities of cases are horrible, but making anything black and slapping the Death Star on the side of it will improve it infinitely. It still wouldn’t make me buy one but if anyone wants to buy one for me you’re quite welcome.

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