Artoo Emasculated

I make no secret of the fact that I think George Lucas did an all-round horrible job with the Star Wars prequels (even the oddly popular Episode III), and something that I was just reading today only proved to me that the linkage between III and IV is tenuous at best. An enterprising Star Wars blogger showed A New Hope to his 7 year-old son, a boy only old enough to have really known the giant toy advert that was the prequel trilogy, and recorded his responses to a number of the questions raised.

While watching the fanboys fighting to draw conclusions over who did what to who in the 20 years or so between the two trilogies, seeing someone who actually is seeing the movies in the “correct” order trying to make sense of it only confirms for me that no matter how – mostly – good the end of ROTS was, it really didn’t do a great job making a lot of the links without a lot of subtext in certain performances (notably Alec Guinness’) that I just can’t see without, god forbid, more tinkering with the originals.

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