Back To Uni

I started back at uni today which is an odd experience having been away for the best part of five months. Still, I don’t have to do shorthand this year because it’s an option. Thank God…

I had to laugh today when I had my first seminar in the online journalism unit. The guy is a former editor of a major Internet magazine and then told us that one of the most popular blogging platforms is ‘WorldPress’ (ahem) and that web development isn’t done much in raw HTML since the arrival of Dreamweaver. You know that old “those who can’t, teach” phrase? Yeah…

Hard to believe that I’m in my final year of university and in eight months or so I’ll be kicked out into the big wide world. With any luck then I’ll be able to give the ‘aspiring’ in the site header the boot, completing what I’ve been planning to do for over a decade. Yay for me.

One thought on “Back To Uni”

  1. Go for it, dude. Get an MA or something so you don’t have to bother actually getting a job.

    Coincidentially, I fell asleep twice in a lecture today. But then I made a great point in a seminar about how one of Wordsworth’s lyrical ballads might not actually be a ballad at all and my professor thought that was great. I think it evens out.

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