Ban GTA…Again

Another day, another group calling for GTA to be banned. This time it’s those wholesome folks at the Sex Workers Outreach Project USA calling for someone to halt the decline of the fabric of society.

I’m going to ignore the fact that it’s prostitutes worrying about their reputation being harmed by the role models in GTA, because there’s something else bothering me about the constant calls to ban or censor it, whether it’s from prostitutes, Haitians, Australians, or random politicians looking for column inches.

That concern is this – is there actually anyone in GTA who you’re not encouraged to kill? As a member of the perennially oppressed young, white, middle class male demographic I’ve seen plenty of missions that require the wanton slaughter of my ilk. I don’t recall ever being told to kill a hooker (in fact there are several missions where you have to help them), but the majority require you to kill some crass white stereotype.

For this reason I’m announcing my campaign to ban GTA on the basis that Rockstar hate and encourage the killing of white people. Whiteboys Against Nazi Killers (WANK) will not tolerate this kind of bigotry.

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