Battlestar Galactica

Anyone who’s listened for any length of time to the excellent UK DVD Review podcast will have heard about the reboot of Battlestar Galactica which has been going on for the last couple of years. He doesn’t so much recommend it so much as positively evangelise it, and barely an episode goes by that you won’t hear the “previously on Battlestar Galactica” soundbite.

Based on his clear enthusiasm for the show and after talking to him about it a couple of times I ordered the 2003 miniseries on DVD (how could I say no for £5.99?), thinking that the last time I took a chance on TV sci-fi I ended up with a zealous love of Firefly. I’ve since bought the first season on DVD because this is yet another excellent piece of modern sci-fi, and considering that I’m someone who wouldn’t have been seen dead watching Star Trek only a couple of years ago I seem to be becoming quite the devotee.

Galactica isn’t quite as high on the list as Firefly but since that seems to be all but dead this at least gives me some decent ongoing sci-fi to follow. If you’re interested I really suggest checking out the information in the Wikipedia entry and picking up the miniseries which is available dirt cheap now.

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