Best of 2010

That’s another year down, and the sixth since I started doing this thing. It’s hardly seemed like a vintage year for gaming, to be honest, but looking back on my highly classified text document in which I keep track of anything that might be worthy of this list from 1st January until now, I was reminded of the Call of Duty effect, which resulted in some of 2010’s best games fleeing the Christmas bloodbath to be equally squeezed out in the year’s early months. Hopefully it’s not a trend, even if this year looks similar. We just have to hope that Activision bleeds COD dry as quickly as it did Guitar Hero, I guess.

So anyway, usual rules apply: any game that was released somewhere in the world in the calendar year 2010 is eligible and… that’s it. In fact, I might be abusing the ‘somewhere in the world’ rule to sneak in a game that I neglected last year. We’ll just have to wait and see.

My lists for 2005200620072008 and 2009.

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