Best of 2013

Wow. After the disappointment of 2012, where Halo 4 was good enough to make number 2 and my favourite game, brilliant as it was, was a year-old PC game, 2013 has been staggeringly good. Less in the way of indie titles and phone games padding out the list and – spoiler warning – a very surprising spread of host platforms given this year’s new developments. Some of the honourable mentions that didn’t make the final lineup would have walked on to 2012’s selections, to the extent that I’ll certainly put together something to flag them up, as they don’t deserve to be overlooked.

The rules, as always, are that a game must have been released somewhere in the world and played by me within calendar 2013. That means some omissions simply because I hadn’t played them – no Wii U means no Super Mario 3D World, unfortunately – and other 2013 contenders like Shin Megami Tensei IV falling victim to the curse of region-locking. Maybe next year for that one.

Posts will go live at 2100 GMT over the next ten days. Enjoy.

Below are my selections since I’ve been doing this:

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