Better Than Wipeout

So in addition to your standard accessories you can now get Xbox 360-branded ecstasy. Presumably 20g of the stuff costs as much as 200g of its third party rivals and only comes with 13g usable.

Of course MDMA with logos on them are nothing new and I can remember thinking how cool the Simpsons ones were in drug education, but could it be that despite their denials this is a deliberate marketing ploy by Microsoft? The use of PlayStation demo pods in nightclubs is often cited as a reason for the cool image that Sony rode to the front of this industry (games, not narcotics) and you have to suspect that this stuff is way more fun than Wipeout.

This is also a lot less likely to get you beaten up for being a nerd than spending your time in a nightclub playing a PSX. See? All part of their plan.

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