Bored of PC Gaming

I’ve realised that I’ve completely gone off PC gaming. The whole thing is too much about how big your ePenis is and there’s far too much emphasis on the technology of gaming rather than the artistic side. The community is, in general, full of supercilious arseholes that have nothing better to do than complain about people who don’t know as much about the hardware as they do.

You can drop £800 on a great gaming PC, and it might be able to run a game at 1600×1200 at a solid 60fps+, but can you come home with a new game, drop it in, press a button, and be playing? Can you kick back on a comfortable chair and play without having to jump through hoops (modding controllers, finding homebrew drivers, running cables to a TV, finding TV adaptors, etc)? Is there anything truly original coming out? What was the last new 2D PC game you saw? How many of the anticipated PC games that you’re looking forward to this year are FPS? How many of them are hyped up based purely on their graphics? Is a mouse and keyboard really as intuitive as a decent console controller?

The whole PC gaming market is just stagnant; it’s completely saturated with first person shooters and MMORPGs which get old when you realise that you haven’t played anything else in months. Since I got my iBook in October the PC hasn’t even been on because I find OS X so much better for general applications, and that’s why I’m thinking of getting out of PC games completely and coming back in a year or so when things might have moved on.

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