Can Someone Lend Me $200,000?

Visiting space is one of my ambitions for things that I want to do before I die and it looks like the possibility just got another step closer. Being in the middle of watching Space Cadets, in which a group of idiots are supposedly hoaxed into thinking that they’re the first televised space tourists while actually being in a simulator on an abandoned military base in Suffolk, it’s strange to see that the concept of space tourism is becoming an affordable reality. OK, so $200,000 is on the very limits of affordability, but it’s a step away from the £11 million that the last space tourist paid.

I really hope that the price comes into the truly affordable bracket (I’m talking £20,000 and under) within my lifetime so that I can get to experience being off this planet. It’s also cool that it’s Richard Branson pioneering this, putting us back to where we haven’t been in the area of commercial travel since Concorde. He must be able to afford to send me up if I can just find some dirt on him…

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