Chikan Chuui

So Tomonobu Itagaki, producer of the Dead or Alive series, is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit after he went out with a woman from Tecmo and “groped her and forcibly kissed her”, amongst other things.

The general reaction when people hear this is that they’re not surprised, mainly since the DOA games don’t do a lot to advance the feminist cause, to say the least. I’d probably agree. The men in it aren’t exactly bright and well-attired, but then again they don’t have a game about dressing them up in swimwear and making them jump around.

It’s not the fact that the lawsuit happened that surprised me at all. What surprises me is that there are actually women working at Team Ninja. Surely that has to be a joke?

One thought on “Chikan Chuui”

  1. Actually I was thinking surely his DOA games are his alibi?

    I mean, it would be almost be too easy wouldn’t it? To come up with groping allegations, considering his somewhat disturbing fascination with breast physics?!

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