Confidence Returns

The anxiety over TGS has passed, since I’m assured that I’m not going to be conducting interviews or anything like that. I’m just going to be attending conferences where some of the new booty will be shown off – I’ve heard that there are conferences from Square, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony at least, so there should be some good stuff on show that I’d miss out on if I was only hitting the show floor. For some reason even though I was slightly underwhelmed by MGS3 (keep meaning to give it another try), all I’m really intent on seeing is Metal Gear Solid 4. That and anything new on Resident Evil 5, of course.

In other news, I somehow spent a few hours today in the VGC playing nothing but Lumines. I don’t know how I managed it (on most games it’s a chore for me to play that long in one sitting) but before I knew it almost three hours had passed and I still wanted to try for the next skin. I’m definitely picking that one up in Japan. It’s like crack, but crack that can play really good music.

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