Could the PS3 Kill Sony?

I very much doubt it, but this article thinks it could and makes for interesting reading.

While I don’t think the article is going to turn out to be much more than conjecture, what really interested me is the information about Sony’s financial state. We all know that Microsoft has billions to burn and that Bill Gates lives in a solid gold house with a rocket car and that they can basically throw money at the 360 until it starts selling, but when Sony haven’t been doing too well recently and the PSP starting to struggle in the battle for hearts and minds, it remains to be seen how much of a loss they can actually afford.

Even if Blu-Ray is technically superior to HD-DVD it’s coming to market later, costs twice as much for first-generation players ($1,000 compared to $500), doesn’t have the DVD name, and the recent announcement that movies will retail for around $30 hasn’t been met with much rejoicing. Looks like the next few months and years will be intriguing ones for Sony fans.

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