Dead or Alive 4

Just a quick post to let my fellow UK 360 owners who are starving for a new game that the US version of Dead or Alive 4 is following the current trend for third-party games and is multiregion, so you can import and run it on your PAL system without a problem.

I got my copy today and it’s seriously impressive and probably the best looking game on the system so far, although the Fight Night Round 3 demo which is on the Live Marketplace at the moment gives it a run for its money there. I’m starting to find that the games and demos trickling out are already showing some real next-generation visuals, and I can’t wait to see what tricks they’ve got ready for E3. Just look at some of the screenshots of DOA4 and imagine them running a 60fps with all kinds of interactive background trickery going on.

I’ll probably write some proper impressions when I’ve spent some more time with the game.

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