I picked up the second season of Deadwood on DVD yesterday, and I have to say that I think this is one of the finest shows on TV at the moment. I don’t get to watch it until it comes out on DVD because it’s shown here on satellite, but I’m not bothered because I love DVD as a medium for TV shows.


I’m always up for a good western, preferring the more gritty ones like Unforgiven to the older, more quixotic ones, and Deadwood does nothing if not fall into that bracket. I’m not entirely convinced that conversation in the real Old West was quite as populated with “fucks” and “cocksuckers” as it is in Deadwood, but the setting is still remarkably authentic. The characters are similarly believable, all painted in varying shades of grey and subject to their own numerous vices. If you haven’t seen it and like westerns at all, definitely check it out.

The show is obviously a western but often seems to turn into something of a political series, as much of the storyline is based on the struggle for power and wealth in a soon-to-be-but-not-quite legitimate frontier town, complete with the necessary negotiations and murders that this entails, usually with an especially gruesome method of disposal. Even though HBO DVDs never seem to drop in price, the first season is still readily available and worth every penny.

Now I just want to see HBO’s Pacific War miniseries. It’s the spiritual follow up to Band of Brothers, which probably is the finest thing ever to be on TV.

2 thoughts on “Deadwood”

  1. I find Al’s little “dialogue’s” with Mr. Wu are v. entertaining! I agree with you about the abundance of “fucks” and “cocksuckers”, after a while it just becomes comical. An excellent series, and looking forward to the 3rd season which supposedly airs in the US soonish (I thought it might be in March, but I’m not so sure now – especially with The Sopranos round the corner).

  2. Yeah, I love Wu. His rant about the opium thieves in the first season was hilarious.

    Season 3 isn’t too far off, because I understand that the season 2 DVD was delayed in the States by a couple of months to coincide with it.

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