Do You Want a Revolution?

I have to admit to not being particularly enamoured with Nintendo’s Revolution, pretty much overshadowed by Sony and Microsoft’s unstoppable behemoths at E3. It was definitely the most aesthetically pleasing console next to the love-them-or-hate-them PS3 and Xbox 360, but it’s hard not to see Nintendo making similar mistakes to those made with the N64 and GameCube.

They were hurt by choosing cartridges over optical discs and again by completely missing the online boat with the GameCube, and now they’re forgoing the usual powerhouse route by making their new console only a couple of times more powerful than their current hardware.

Nintendo might have all but handed over any chance of regaining their home at the top of the heap, but current news might have ensured that it’s going to be very popular with the hardcore. Famitsu have published the full list of playable classic Nintendo titles that you’ll be able to download onto your Revolution.

It’s not known if the lineup will be the same in the rest of the world, but the prospect of over 220 Nintendo games on one machine with titles like Fire Emblem and the F-Zero X expansion making their first appearances outside Japan. Plus GoldenEye and Perfect Dark again? Drool…

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