DOA4 Reviewed

I’ve written a review of the latest Xbox 360 game, Dead or Alive 4. You can find it at that link or, as always, in my review index. I also don’t mention the bouncing boobies once, making this the first review of a DOA game ever to accomplish that.

Having unlocked most of what there is to be unlocked in the game (I’m only missing Tengu, who requires you to finish time attack mode with all 20 standard and unlockable characters) and played plenty of it and I really like it. As I say in the review, if this turns out to be the last DOA game as certain rumour-mongers seem to think it’ll be a loss since this is one of the few fighting franchises that seems to be have any momentum to it’s development. Maybe that’s just because both DOA3 and 4 have come at a time when players are starving for new games on their respective hardware, but they always seem to receive a good reception.

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