Doom 3 Movie

I’ve just seen the first screenshot from the upcoming Doom movie, starring The Rock:

Doom Movie

It’s one of those game-movie adaptions that’s been in development hell (no pun intended) for as long as I can remember, so it’s perhaps gratifying to actually see something real of it. It can’t really be a completely faithful adaption of Doom 3 considering that there’s a group of marines there, they’re not on Mars, and it’s not completely pitch black, but The Rock is potentially one of the best action stars around.

Most of the crap he’s been in has hardly been taxing but he has incredible screen presence and charisma. He very well could be the real successor to Arnie’s throne (and why he’ll make a great Johnny Bravo), hence the appearance of the man himself in The Rundown/Welcome To The Jungle to formally abdicate his throne.

To be honest I doubt that Doom is going to be any better than most game movies, but we can hope, right?

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