DS Lite Video Review

Not mine, unfortunately. That’s lost amongst the millions of Japanese and potential importers who are scrabbling to obtain what little stock is available, although I may be able to get one next week since Eynon and team are off to Japan again. This is a video review put together in two parts (the second is answering questions from the first one) and answers most of the concerns from people wondering how much better than the standard DS it is, so without further ado…

The bigger Mac geeks out there may have noticed that the videos were made by Cabel, co-founder of Panic, who are in turn makers of the best FTP program ever and one of the few pieces of shareware that I’ve bought. He’s a great host for the videos, with some classic lines explaining how the DS Lite can function as a death ray whilst also managing to call it “mildly retarded” and coming out with a great ending to it. I’ll be watching for more material from him in the future.

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