DS Lite

I’m not known for my ability to resist pretty new kit, so I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that I plan to buy a DS Lite when it comes out in Japan. Nintendo have extorted the money for three different GBA models from me so the DS looks to do the same thing.

Nintendo DS Lite

Looks very nice and iPod-esque, but the fact that Nintendo are being rather coy about GBA compatibility suggests to me that it’s being dropped since that big cartridge slot can’t help keep the size down. I won’t miss it since I find the DS uncomfortable to play GBA games (that’s what my GB Micro is for), but even if you like that feature surely Ouendan deserves to be played on something as sexy as the Lite?

The slight concern that I do have is that it might be awkward to hold and use the touch screen. The DS may be on the chunky side but that does facilitate the use of the stylus-heavy games without needing to rest it on a table. We’ll just have to give this a try, I guess.

The Lite fits in with the whole minimalist aesthetic which the GB Micro and Revolution seem to be following, which might actually help the consoles sell each other, especially with the current booming popularity of the DS. Well done, Nintendo – you’ve got more of my money.

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