Eccleston Who?

David Tennant and Billie Piper

As I posted back when I saw the episode finale of the revived Doctor Who, I wasn’t convinced that David Tennant would be right for the part (too young, looked silly in those clothes, etc), but the BBC have released a veritable torrent of tidbits on the new series including, as you’ve probably noticed by now, a photo of Tennant in his own costume.

Now I really can’t wait. I’d heard about a pinstripe suit, trenchcoat, and trainer combo and reacted with a certain amount of apprehension before I saw the picture but he actually makes it look a lot cooler than Eccleston’s black leather jacket. It’s a unique and interesting look with, arguably, more character than the previous Doctor and does more to imbue him with the traditional idiosyncrasies that each actor brings. He still looks young if I’m to be picky and I’m still sure that his relationship with Rose will definitely go further than it probably should in Doctor Who (I’m not being prudish, but it just doesn’t suit the tone of the thing).

Of course I’m just speculating based on a photograph and it’s far too early to declare Tennant a worthy successor to Eccleston (who was great; don’t get me wrong because I’m not intending to attack him), but I’m definitely more excited about the new episodes now. Whether Tennant is better or not, we have the Cybermen, Sarah Jane and possibly K-9, a Stephen Fry episode, various guest stars, and more to look forward to.

Now I just need to pass the time until The Christmas Invasion…

3 thoughts on “Eccleston Who?”

  1. My wife and I think it’s a bit naive of you to think the Doctor’s been picking up these sweet young things for so long and that there *hasn’t* been any hanky panky in the past. They just don’t show it on the telly. :)

  2. OK, you’ve got me there. There’s space for a large wardrobe in the TARDIS so I’d assume that they can fit a boudoir somewhere :p

  3. Well i think the Doc is sexi and he is the best 1 there has been so no 1 disagree!!!!

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