World of Warcraft Diary

Nekofever - Tauren Warrior

This isn’t so much a diary as a place for me to geek out about World of Warcraft without clogging up the main blog with innumerable posts about the damn thing. As with all popular games a lot of people seem to have an irrational hate of it, but I’m paying ?8.99 a month for it so by God I’m going to talk about it. Be happy that I’m keeping it to this page.

Anyway, the handsome chap to your right is my main character, a Tauren Warrior by the unsurprising name of Nekofever, who can be found on the European Arathor server. He’s an officer in the Dark Ages guild, currently resides at The Crossroads in The Barrens, spends a lot of time raking in the spoils of his mining skill at the Orgrimmar auction house, specialises in two-handed maces, and enjoys long walks on the beach. Seeks similar with GSOH. I also have a Dwarf Priest on the go, but I?ve only played him for a little while because I like the big guy too much. Plus the Alliance is for n00bs.

Here we go then. I’ll be updating this every so often when I feel the need to chat about my exploits in Azeroth so it remains to be seen how long I keep this up. If you’re playing on the European servers feel free to drop by and give me stuff.

16/11/05 – Welcome back for what is actually my third entry (the second was lost due to a database problem, but was basically about me gaining another level, making a ton of money in the AH, and rolling a new Dwarf Priest to try out a new gameplay style and enjoying it UPDATE: It’s back!). As I type this I’m on the verge of level 23, and after some time spent mostly in the Warsong Gulch battleground I have nearly 200 honourable kills in a couple of days and so have gained my first PvP rank, Scout.

Nekofever also has a few nice new items of clothing which have changed his appearance since the above shot, so expect that photo to be updated soon.

7/11/05 – Rolled a new alt yesterday when I decided to try out something completely different by going for a Dwarf Priest. I?d heard that there was a dearth of priests and I wanted to give something that wasn?t reliant on hand-to-hand combat a try, so I got to level 5 or 6 before stopping. I actually enjoyed the power of being able to kill an enemy before it even had a chance to reach me to fight back, and the healing abilities are obviously nice to have. He won?t be getting a lot of time while I?m working on Nekofever but if I find myself hitting a wall I might go and play him again for a change of pace.

At the moment I?ve been trying to log in to check on a couple of things but there seem to be some serious connection problems with the European servers. Logging in to the account management site is pretty hit-and-miss, logging into the forums is impossible, and logging into the game gives you a message that your account is out of credit (mine definitely isn?t, since my card was charged for the month three days ago) and apparently I?m not the only one. Hopefully this means some free game time because it?s been a few hours now.

5/11/05 – This first entry comes as I finally reach one of the first big hurdles of the levelling process, level 20. I hit it when I was grinding some of the mobs around Camp Taurajo in The Barrens, and it seems somehow appropriate that this happened on bonfire night (link for the foreigners who don’t know what I’m talking about) because I did it to the sound of fireworks congratulating me on this milestone. I’ll be looking back on this day in a few months time wondering why I’m celebrating something as easy as level 20, but for now I’m going to have my moment. I celebrated by hitting the auction house and buying myself the fetching new gauntlets that I’m sporting in the character image.

I spent much of the day’s Warcrafting travelling to new areas, as a quest took me to The Undercity on the other continent and into that surrounding area (I can see why the Undead aren’t too popular, because their starting area is dull), on a longer-than-intended round trip on the zeppelin back to Orgrimmar when I got on the wrong one, to the AH to put some of my spoils up for auction, and then on a trip back to The Barrens to pick up some more quests and drop off the ones I did on the way, ending the day about 20% of the way to the next level. I’m running low on yellow quests so I’m going to have to either level up some more or find a new source before too long.

Since the last update I’ve turned off the automatic renewal of my account because I guessed that with the Xbox 360 coming out in that month I wouldn’t spend a lot of time in the game, and I was right. I plan to go back eventually but for the moment with things like HDTVs siphoning money and other games taking my time I can’t justify the fees. I’ll be back with more Warcraft and more updates to this eventually.