Firefly Season 2?

As reported by The Inquirer, there’s a group that seems to be gaining momentum in their efforts to bring a new series of Firefly to our screens. As something of a Browncoat myself (that sounds wrong) this is me doing my part to spread the word. Can’t stop the signal and all that.

There’s a survey from the people who want to do it here, and it gives some interesting nuggets of information as well as providing market research which could decide whether or not they can do this, so for fuck’s sake fill it in. From what I can gather the plan is to buy the rights from Fox and then turn it into some form of pay-per-view endeavour (assuming that Fox won’t look at the incredible DVD sales and bring it back themselves, like they did with Family Guy and Futurama) which can be played on iPods and computers, with possible DVD seasons at the end of it.

It’s not ideal but if they can pull it off this will be the first that I’ve heard of anyone keeping a show alive in this way, and even Star Trek didn’t get anything high profile like this after its cancellation. Just to make sure you go and fill in the survey I’ve linked this whole sentence to it. A TV return would be better as it would ensure a decent budget and increased exposure, but beggars can’t be choosers in this situation.

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