Football’s Back!


Yay, it’s so good to be back into a Premiership season and have Match of the Day to watch again. My Dad was actually so desperate for some to watch yesterday that he paid £7 to watch Everton/Man United on PremPlus, which was worth it for the Rooney goal alone. And what I wouldn’t have given to have seen Chelsea draw or even lose at Wigan today…

Anyway, it’s gotten me in the mood so I’ve been playing a lot of the Winning Eleven 9 import. I’ve got some impressions that I’ve been working on so I’ll post them when I get around to finishing them. I’ll be getting the PSP version (Ubiquitous Edition = best title for a handheld game ever) and the UK version (as Pro Evolution Soccer 5) when they come out so I might even bother to write a full review then. I need to move over the reviews from the old site design as well because three reviews in over six months is pretty pathetic. I want to write more but playing a game as extensively as is necessary and sitting down for an hour or so to knock out a decent review is easier said than done now.

I’ll say right now that WE9 is an excellent game and fans of the series won’t be disappointed.

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