Four Weeks To Go!

Updates have been slightly sparse recently for a couple of reasons. Partly because there’s not a huge amount to talk about but also because I’ve been so busy – my gaming time has been split between slow progress through Shadow of the Colossus (good news that Ico is being re-released in Europe so I’ll be able to pick up a new copy for a reasonable price) and World of Warcraft (almost got my Tauren Warrior to level 20) – but also I’ve got some articles to work on and assignment season is upon us at university.

With that out the way, I’d also like to point out to the handful of UK gamers who have managed to track down an Xbox 360 for launch that it’s out four weeks today, so we’re on the final stretch. My order is pretty much finalised as the premium console, the Advanced SCART Cable, Project Gotham Racing 3 (hearing rumblings out of Highbury that the framerate is unreliable but theirs isn’t a finished build), Call of Duty 2, and maybe Ridge Racer 6. Can’t wait!

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