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Edge issue 156 is out today and, as usual, any descerning gamer should pick up a copy. One of the more interesting features is an excellent interview with the always-interesting Simon Pegg (currently an avid player of Half-Life 2 multiplayer) along with a group of other gaming comedy writers, but perhaps most interestingly a free Tokyo Game Show DVD. If you’re one of the types who picks up magazines based solely on the freebie (I’m not, but whatever) you should go for it.

The show floor footage does a good job of making it look bigger than it actually was and, alas, I sadly (for narcissistic old me, at least) was nowhere to be found in there. They showed a few things that I didn’t even get to see as well, like what happens at the end of the day and Taito’s cool looking Exit on PSP.

What’ll be of more interest for most people is the short feature on a gamer’s view of Tokyo, with an obvious bias towards Akihabara. In fact, it doesn’t show anywhere outside Akihabara even though some of the most interesting games shops we found were in Shibuya and Shinjuku, but I still found it to be a nice little nostalgic look at Electric Town. It could have been a more extensive look but then again you could easily fill a DVD with all the games stuff you find in Tokyo.

Edge is usually worth a buy but this definitely sweetens the deal this month. The Pegg and Revolution features are good and the usual stuff is there, so check it out.

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