GameCube Strikes Back

First Resident Evil 4, now this. Admittedly it’s only two games in the space of a year, but why couldn’t Nintendo be doing this for all the rest of the time when Sony and Microsoft are walking all over them?

It’s great to see Link back in all his glory. I was one of the few defenders of The Wind Waker but seeing this and thinking about those prolonged sailing sections just makes it particularly galling that we had to wait this long for the real continuation of Ocarina of Time. That sequence in WW when you walk into Hyrule Castle, frozen in time, was brilliant, but it just can’t beat the first time you stepped out into Hyrule Field or into the burgeoning Kakariko Village. That wolf at the end of the new video just sent a shiver down my spine that reminded me how much I love this series.

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