Good Job, Sony!

The PSP finally launches officially across Europe at midnight tonight, and there’s already a Sony press release out there engaging in a quick round of autofellatio for a job well done. What they seem to be completely blinkered to is the fact that the late and overpriced launch is a fucking insult, made worse by the fact that they thought it would be a good idea to sue people who were importing it for less than the UK price. Then to top it all off they’re only giving 150,000 units for the whole UK which will inevitably lead to stock shortages.

They’re not exactly flying off the shelves abroad so couldn’t they at least bring us a decent amount? The Xbox sold for £300 at launch and managed 250,000 machines, and if I remember correctly the N64 launched here at £250 and also managed 250,000 units, so 150,000 for a world-standard machine is pitiful – it’s not like they need to manufacture a new PAL version. What the fuck were they doing for the last few months? They certainly weren’t manufacturing them.

Continuing with the “Sony is shit” rant, I’ve just seen the planned prices of PS3 games. That’s completely ridiculous and I hope they end up handing this generation to Microsoft on a plate if they try to pull that shit.

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