Great Barrier Reef

Just got back from a day on the Great Barrier Reef which was absolutely amazing. We took the bus to the boat early this morning and spent 90 minutes or so on the choppiest (smooth my arse) catamaran in existence. It docked with a pontoon in the outer reef (Agincourt if I remember correctly) and from there we could do pretty much what we wanted.

We took a helicopter ride around the general area and saw the reef extending as far as the eye could see, and also managed to spot a massive tiger shark in the water below. Absolutely breathtaking views.

Great Barrier Reef

Then my brother and I went scuba-diving on the reef. We’re not qualified divers or anything so we had to have some training and go down with an instructor, but that was just brilliant. It’s quite a strange experience until you get used to it, what with the breathing through the mouth and having to relieve pressure every few metres and was actually quite claustrophobic at first (it didn’t help that my always-dodgy ears were giving me grief with the pressure), but once I got adjusted it was definitely an experience that I want to try again. I’m actually thinking of getting qualified so that I can solo dive.

It was during this time that I found out the amazing news that if you vomit whilst wearing a scuba mask it gets ejected out the sides and all the fish will come and eat it. Unfortunately I couldn’t test the theory, but it made me laugh all the same.

Anyway, pipe dreams that are likely to remain unfulfilled aside, down in the reef we got to see the clownfish in the anenomes, giants clams which terrified Barney, and then sit in the middle of a minor feeding frenzy when the instructor let some fish food go. It didn’t seem as azure and clear as I expected, but then again it did on video when I watched it back later, so maybe it was just murky through my mask.

Just to top it all off, the boat stopped halfway through the return journey and the captain pointed out that there was a humpback whale on our port side. I couldn’t get any photos because we just saw it popping up for air a couple of times but still, it made 90 minutes on a boat more bearable and was, I think, my first sighting of a whale outside Sea World.

6 thoughts on “Great Barrier Reef”

  1. Just to clarify, the giant clam did NOT terrify me. I was the first of the group to be allowed to touch it, and so didn’t know what to expect. Is there anyone who’d honestly not be a little shocked if a metre-wide shell started to close on your hand?

  2. What a couple of pussies XD
    HI Guys. Sounds Great! Now I need to ask a huge favour. LOL. Can you ,whilst in Japan,
    get any PS2 Naruto Game for me there are 7 in total and all would be great but see what you can find. Full renumeration and a bit on top for your good selves appriciatly given of course.


    Keep having fun


  3. Hi Guys, looks like your having a good time!!Hope it’s not to hot for you, it’s not to bad here at the moment.We are going to have a round of Cod2 in a moment (a least i don’t get shot so much when your not here lol) think there will be 4 of us!!. speak to you both soon. oh by the way your photo link is broken! :-).



  4. Ok photo link seems to be working now!! wow there are some great views.

    See you soon


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