Guitar Hero Reviewed

After it finally got released here earlier this month, I’ve reviewed Harmonix’s awesome Guitar Hero for PS2 which can be found here and, as ever, in the review index. Check it out, and any feedback or even other impressions would be appreciated. Note how I avoided even one Spinal Tap reference.

Oh yeah, and happy Easter to anyone who celebrates it.

2 thoughts on “Guitar Hero Reviewed”

  1. Guitar Hero II announced!! Duet mode! 55 songs! Aaah! Now please, Harmonix, take my advice and get Master of Puppets in there. And Stairway to Heaven, please. Oh, and Sweet Child of Mine…

  2. Excellent. I’d like One by Metallica and Californication by RHCP to be on there. Maybe a greater percentage of modern songs than GH. I hope there’s a new guitar controller, I’d love a ‘Flying V’ one!

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