Happily Ever After

I’ve just seen Penny Arcade’s latest strip which really struck a chord with me. Having already been told off for discussing the ending of King Kong openly with someone without the thought even entering my mind that there’s anybody on the planet that didn’t know what happens (let’s face it – it’s up there with Star Wars and Planet of the Apes as one of the most widely discussed endings ever committed to film), but I still wonder how people can avoid these things.

The last one that did it for me was Lord of the Rings, where I got pissed with having to continually black out anything that said that Gollum bites off Frodo’s finger and falls into Mount Doom with the Ring, that Frodo goes off with the elves, or that Arwen ends up with Aragorn, and the list goes on. It’s not like we’re talking about new material with those movies – this is a book published in 1954 that’s the second most widely read book of the 20th Century behind the Bible.

I needed to rant on that little pet hate of mine after PA went and put it into comic form. Jesus dies at the end of The Passion of the Christ, Anakin gets burnt alive and becomes Darth Vader, and if you haven’t read an old book or seen an old film it makes sense not to go into forum threads discussing the ending. Use some common sense, please.

I don’t know what’s with all my negativity today. I’ll have to balance it out with more 360 evangelisation or something.

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