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New to my features page is a guide to HDTV that I’ve been working on which can be found here. You may have noticed that I finally managed to get a decent one that I’m happy with but the experience taught me that there are more new acronyms, jargon, and pitfalls to learn and negotiate than any other kind of new technology that I can remember, even when building a PC, so I thought passing on my experience would be useful. Just explaining it all had to be fitted into two rather long pages.

As always I welcome feedback and any corrections for stuff that I inevitably missed on a topic this big. Hopefully someone finds it useful and avoids making a purchase that’s going to bite them in the ass in the future when they find that they can only watch HD-DVD in 480p.

2 thoughts on “HDTV Guide”

  1. A ry informative and helpful guide presented and worded in a way which is easily understandable. I feel alot less worried about making the wrong choice now so thanks.

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