Holiday 2006

No, not the TV show.

I just realised that I haven’t mentioned this even though I’ve known about it for a couple of weeks now, but this year’s holiday has been booked and everything. My Dad retired at the beginning of the year so he’s paying I assume as a kind of last hurrah before he has to become a poor pensioner. I doubt that going away with my father and brother (Mum won’t go because she hates long flights and won’t leave the dog due to its bad seperation anxiety) will be as good as Japan last year but hey, I’m not turning down a free holiday.

My brother is going out to Australia at the beginning of August to do some vetinary work experience while staying with friends in Botany Bay, near Sydney. On 10th August me and my Dad are going out to join him and spend a couple of weeks there. I’m not sure what exactly but I know that they plan to fly to the north at some point to visit the Great Barrier Reef and my Dad is intent on visiting Uluru. Whatever else will surely revolve around my ability to find something in a country where games and DVDs are actually more expensive than here. The savages!

When we finish up there we’re heading to Tokyo for a week on the way home. I’m told that what we get up to depends on me and my experience so I’m sure that another day in Kyoto and more than one trip to Akihabara will be on the cards. With a summer launch for the PS3 in Japan looking increasingly likely, if this can coincide with that (please Sony? I won’t talk about how much I dislike you anymore) so that I can meet up with friends out there, so much to the good.

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