I Finally Gave In

I couldn’t keep trying to put it down anymore. They had a great E3 and I got a good deal that was enough to justify the cost.

The Three Amigos

It’s a US machine with no games yet, apart from Tekken and some demos downloaded from the PSN. It has me wishing that I had a 360 with an HDMI connection because things look lovely and sharp through that connection, and I’m blown away by how massive it looks on the desk. My account name is (shockingly) NekoFever if anyone wants to add me to what passes for a friends list in Sonyland.

See? I got a dig in to balance it out. I’m still me.

4 thoughts on “I Finally Gave In”

  1. Welcome to the club m8.
    Glad to see you finally got a Bluray player, at least you ready for when the Transformer movie is released ;o)

  2. I’ve already sworn to buy the TF movie on DVD and both HD formats (Paramount is agnostic). And I’m seeing it in the cinema for the second time tomorrow. What a whore I am.

  3. Another buddy of mine picked one up this week. Spooky. I’m probably going to try and get one nearer to Christmas.

    What’s it like having to use the Dual Shock Sixaxis when you’ve got so used to the 360 pad?

  4. I’m still not a Sixaxis fan (never have liked the PS controller all that much) but it’s grown on me. The weight is quite nice and if they’d swallow their pride and chuck rumble in there it would be Sony’s best controller by some margin.

    I have experienced the weird Bluetooth sync issue, though. Nothing like that’s ever happened with the good old RF in my 360 pad, so that’s somewhere else where it has the edge. My Bluetooth mouse does it occasionally so I think it’s endemic to the protocol rather than any fault on Sony’s part.

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