I Hate Presentations

I don’t think there’s anyone who truly enjoys presentations and public speaking, but they’re one of the inevitable evils of education. What I really hate is when they put innocent students through all the rigmarole and trauma of researching a subject, writing a speech on it, talking about it in front of a crowd of people, and then having it picked apart by a lecturer, and the subject matter doesn’t even seem relevant. I’ve just been the victim of this, as despite the fact that I’m in the middle of a journalism degree I’ve just had to do a 40-minute presentation on whether or not Britain’s future lies at the heart of Europe or with the United States. I don’t underestimate the historical significance of the Marshall Plan but, really, what does it have to do with journalism?

Myself and my group did alright and should get some good feedback on it, but still. Last year I did a presentation comparing the design styles of a magazine and newspaper which actually has a point to me and I might actually find useful. I swear that it’s nothing more than an excuse to keep us on our toes a bit and waste some time that could be spent on the essays due before Christmas.

Anyway, that’s my random little rant out of the way. Now I’m home free until Thursday at midnight! On that subject this review of the 360 hardware is probably the best I’ve read.

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