I Love Pixar

Continuing my procrastination around writing a review of The Incredibles, I just read Moriarty’s story on AICN about his tour of Pixar. I don’t really like AICN, partially because it always looked like an anachronistic Geocities site straight out of 1997 and was almost actually offensive to my eyes (less so with their new design), but also because of their annoying tendancy to get worked up on every little fallacy that they post while bashing anything that doesn’t meet their strict criteria on what to like – part of the reason why I found Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back’s idea of tracking down and kicking the shit out of the Talkback kids so funny. Plus there’s the fact that Harry Knowles is like a fat lion-man doing a Michael Jackson impersonation. Seriously, he scares me.

Anyway, Pixar. Reading that just reinforced my idea that it would be the ultimate place to work. There was a story in our local paper the other day about how a former Bournemouth University student is flitting between them and ILM (I forget which way) and all I can feel is raw jealousy. I’m loathe to go back to making obvious allusions to EA’s practices, but the sheer quality and popularity of Pixar’s output just shows that a free and relaxed working environment such as theirs will produce something far better than a production line/battery farm mentality.

It’s too bad that I have absolutely none of the skills that could net me a job at Pixar. I want my own cottage in the dwarf town…

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