I Want To Be Steve Jobs

Admittedly the Daily Telegraph are the only ones reporting that it’s definitely going to happen, but you have to envy Steve Jobs if Disney actually do buy Pixar. Not just for pocketing $3.5 billion from his original $10 million investment in Pixar, either.

This man is the CEO in Apple, the company that just announced $5.7 billion in sales for the third quarter of 2005 and makes what it probably my current most-wanted product. He is also the CEO of Pixar, the movie company which on current evidence seems to be infallible (people are pessimistic about Cars, but they said the same things about Finding Nemo and The Incredibles as I remember) and has yet to make a movie grossing less than $150 million, not to mention the fact that it’s more talented than Disney has been in some time.

With this deal he becomes the largest single shareholder in Disney which gives him tremendous power in one of the biggest studios in the world – most people might not associate Disney with anything more than children’s animation (both their own and as distributor of the Ghibli movies in the West) but they also have huge media interests, release live action stuff through Buena Vista, and releases Oscar bait and more adult pictures through Miramax. Bet you didn’t know that Pulp Fiction is a Disney movie.

Massive power in Apple, Pixar, and Disney? As well as having three of the coolest jobs (no pun intended) in the world I think this guy is going to overtake Microsoft and Google in the race to conquer the universe. Not that I’m jealous…

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