In Cairns

Right, so I’ve been in Australia for a few days now. I’ve managed to find an Internet cafe in Sydney where I could upload some photos onto Flickr, and while I haven’t been able to annotate them or anything you can take a look at Bondi Beach, the Sydney skyline, and various parts of the Blue Mountains. This one (that’s my brother) is a favourite shot of mine so far:

Barney on Mt. Victoria

They have wild kangaroos here and everything.

Right now I’m up in the north in Cairns, where I’ll be staying for the next two days and visiting the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforest which should make for plenty of nice photos. I’m using a paid terminal with an emasculated Internet at the moment (it wouldn’t even let me on my homepage due to the use of the ‘F’ word) so it might have to wait until I get back to Sydney, but either way enjoy what there is.

4 thoughts on “In Cairns”

  1. Hi mate,

    Glad your having a good time. Say Hi to Bro and dad for me. Lots of country isn’t there.


  2. Hello Guys,
    Glad to see you’re having a good time. We’re enjoying the photos, but was the dead parrot necessary hehe. Look forward to hearing more of your adventures in Oz. Take it easy.

    Mike D

  3. alrite dogg, im very dissapointed where are the pictures of you having sex with the kangaroos? maybe next update!? nice views though!

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