Is This Xbox 360?

Well, the consensus seems to be that the final Xbox 360 design is upon us:

Xbox 360

That image fits with this one, which clearly shows a removeable 40GB hard drive, and that in turn fits with the latest teaser from Our Colony which would appear to show it standing vertically without the hard drive installed. I still think not including a hard drive as standard will be a mistake but time will tell on that one; I’m sure the hard drive model will outsell the cheaper one by a fair margin.

Assuming that it is actually real, I actually quite like it. We need a console that isn’t some shade of black or grey (purple not included) and, judging by the relative size of the DVD drive, this one will be a bit smaller than the original Xbox. It looks like it has just the one controller port which would support the idea that it has wireless controllers as standard (the wired port being there for those fraught moments when the batteries run out) which I really hope come with rechargeable batteries.

I’m not too sure what the little thing to the right of the memory card ports is or what that shape on the far right is, but it wouldn’t be a leak without a ton of idle speculation. We’ll find out when tell us whether this is real or fake but either way, it’s a nice design.

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