It’s All Around Me!

Our household went wireless today for the benefit of all the laptops in the house (all the desktops still have a nice 100Mbps wired connection) and I’ve found that ubiquity just makes the Internet become completely indispensable, even more so than it currently has. Rather than needing to swap cables around and plug things into the router I can go anywhere in the house and just jump online for whatever I want to do. No need to share share one ratty old ethernet cable between my Xbox, PS2, iBook, and PC, and I’m able to take full advantage of the wireless capabilities of upcoming consoles and handhelds.

I was having some serious reception problems with the new access point even though it only had to go through one thin wall but, as usual, it was a result of my meddling. It turned out that in the process of making various upgrades to my iBook I’d only left the Airport antenna cable halfway in. I’d spent hours trying to meddle with the placement of the access point and its ridiculously short power cable when all I’d had to do was press a cable into a hole a little harder. Story of my life…or something…

I can wax lyrical about how good being completely unwired is for ages, but the absolute greatest thing ever is that I can go online while I’m having a shit. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “log on and download”.

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