iTunes 4.9 and Podcasting


I’ve become something of an RSS addict since I started using NetNewsWire to save the hassle of visiting countless news sites daily, but the growing phenomenon of Podcasting has escaped me thus far. Just as the Internet itself opened journalism (used loosely in some cases) to the masses, podcasting seems to be doing the same to radio for anyone with a microphone and a web connection.

I’ve been listening to the excellent Inside The Magic Disney World podcast since it started but even getting that was annoying without running a seperate program to retrieve it, so for me and the millions of iPod owners who don’t know what a podcast is, this iTunes update has the potential to blow it wide open. Pretty much unlimited free content to listen to is always good, whether you want to read content from the community or stuff from the “real” broadcasters, as the number syndicating their content with RSS continues to grow. I’m hoping for the BBC to start putting some of their full radio shows online through a podcast, but there’s plenty of stuff available now.

Anyway, through digging around I’ve found that I enjoy the aforementioned Inside The Magic as well as Xbox team member Major Nelson‘s podcast, but I’m on the lookout for more. If anyone knows of any good ones that they think I’d like (technology and gaming are both fair game, but I’ll take anything interesting), let me know.

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