Japan is Booked!

The planned trip to Japan in September has been at the back of my mind for the best part of six months and now that it’s been booked it actually feels like it’s really happening. I’m going to have a load of money to spend as well because we’ve got a pretty amazing deal on it – if we’d gone for direct flights we’d have paid something like £500, but by making a 45-minute changeover in Paris we pay a little over £200. That’s for a return ticket to Tokyo from London.

In total for ten days in Tokyo in a very nice hotel (Hotel New Otani) and including transport to and from Heathrow we’re paying £790 which is a fucking bargain. We’re going to the Tokyo Game Show where we’ll play Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, visit the Ghibli Museum (loads of great pictures in English here, including the best DVD player in the world), and generally spend copious amounts of money on tat. Not forgetting that Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is out the day we arrive so I’m going to try to nab a couple of copies of the limited edition DVD.

I’ll have my laptop so I’ll be keeping this updated for the benefit of the folks at home, but the countdown begins here. 60 days to go!

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