Link In Da Hood

I just saw this linked on Joystiq. Apparently either some joker’s having a laugh at the expense of the new Zelda and the IMDB, or Eiji Aonuma is taking the franchise in an even more radical direction than anyone could have expected. Not only is every fanboy’s fantasy, Reggie Fils-Aime, making a cameo appearance as “The Man” (actual character or fanboy declaration of love?), but excreable rapper 50 Cent will appear as Link’s horse Epona and fitness guru Richard Simmons will turn up as the wannabe fairy, Tingle. Not that “wannabe fairy” can really be used to differentiate the two of them.

I give it hours at the most before it’s removed even if it is funny as hell, so here’s a screenshot for posterity:

50 Cent as a horse?

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