Little Britain Live

It seems like an age ago that I booked it and, looking at the receipt, it was in December 2004, but I just got back from Little Britain Live at the BIC in Bournemouth. Good show overall and very funny – the live version of the Dennis Waterman sketch was very creative and well done, and the finale was excellent – marred slightly by the fact that what seemed like half the audience seemed to forget that it’s generally common courtesy not to use flash photography in a dark auditorium whenever anything even remotely interesting happened. Not even mentioning the fact that you don’t need a flash when you’re taking photos of a well-lit stage.

There were a couple of moments of audience participation which were among the funniest parts: washed up children’s TV presenter Des Kaye bringing two men on stage to play “hide the sausage” (I’ll leave it to your imagination), and when the man plucked from the audience for the Fat Fighters sketch turned out to be blind drunk and barely able to stand up.

The format was quite clever, as most of the background with the exception of key props were projected onto the cinema screen at the back of the stage, which provided new clips in between on-stage sketches and also some pretty elaborate scene changes, all to the usual surreal Tom Baker commentary. All allowing some impressively quick costume changes which were all the more impressive when you see some of the stuff that Matt Lucas had to squeeze into.

Overall worth seeing if you’re a fan of the show (which I am), but if you don’t like it you probably won’t be converted.

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