Missing the Reference

The aforementioned person with a cursory knowledge of Batman was, in fact, my younger brother who asked a howler of a question at the end which deserves a mention all of its own. Those who don’t know the very end of Batman Begins and don’t want to read about it would do well to skip the rest of this post now.

That last scene when Lieutenant Gordon hands Batman a joker card that had been left behind by one of Arkham’s escapees with “a taste for the theatrical” is probably the most overt hint at who will be in the next film possible, and it couldn’t have been more obvious what it meant if Jack Nicholson had turned up with a white face and green hair and started laughing maniacally, as if The Joker isn’t synonymous with Batman anyway. But what did my brother say when we were leaving the cinema?

“Who was that card from at the end?”

Uh…come again?

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